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Biographical Sketch

Tomas Larriéux Cruz, Ph.D., Psy.D. is William James Professor of Psychology and Mediation at the Graduate Theological Foundation, Supervisor of Clinical Practices for Graduate student of Psychology of Interamerican University and Professor of Conflicts Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation at University College of Professional Mediation. He is a Diplomate in Clinical Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl’s Institute of Logotherapy); Doctor of Psychology in Franklian Psychology and Alternative Dispute Resolution (Graduate Theological Foundation); Doctor of Philosophy in Neuropsychology (Southeastern University); Masters of Science in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Krisppy University); and Bachelor of Philosophy in Social Work (World University). He is licensed as a Psychologist (Lic. 0086) by Examining Board of Psychologists, Department of Health, Puerto Rico; Services Training Provider in Dispute Resolution (P-0003) and Conflicts Mediator (M-0001) by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and Family and County Mediator (11610CF) by the Supreme Court of the state of Florida. He further has Certifications in Conflict Management (Old Dominion University); Substances Abuse (School of Medicine of the Caribbean), Custody Evaluation (Custody Evaluation Institute), Family Mediation (University of South Florida), Advanced Family Mediation (Pepperdine University School of Law); Victim Offender Mediation (University of Minnesota); Victim of Crime Advocator (Puerto Rico Department of Justice) Executive Negotiation (Harvard University); Hostage Negotiation (Public Agency Training Council); Labor Arbitration (Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service) and Youth Court Trainer (U.S. Department of Justice). Has worked as a Consultant Psychologist for the Department of Mental Health, Psychiatry Emergency section, Administration of Youth Institutions and Department of Education. At present he offers expert forensic service in state and federal cases, and lecture on psychology, hostage negotiation and dispute resolution mechanisms to several agencies public and private. Dr. Larríeux is member in the category “Advanced Practitioner” - Association for Conflict Resolution, Affiliate Member - American Psychological Association, and Member - Puerto Rico Psychological Association. He authored the following books: Discover How to Heal Your Injured Child; To be Loved by God; Mediation and the Process of Negotiation; The Puerto Rican Mediator Manual.